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Part 7 - Nugget Bridge and Beyond

Right at the start of Nugget Bridge, we welcome the lovely JERK, who challenges us, gets beaten up, acts tough, gives us a FAME CHECKER and then leaves. It was kind a battle of reasonable difficulty, easier than Misty but still kinda dangerous. I need more pokémon in the party...

Let's see what these guys at Nugget Bridge can muster, and then we go towards Bill and on the way, hopefully catch another group member.

Goddamn I'm a lucky bastard. Just look at that. ZIRA is a death-defying primate like no other. She deserves those bananas.

It's time to really add pokémon to the team! Let's see what Route 24 has in store for us!

The grass reveals a...

Look at that beauty! I love it!

The Bellsprout is called NOMNOM. It's a boy with a Jolly nature! It's not very good mechanic wise, giving +Speed -Special Attack. But that's okay. Welcome, NOMNOM!

The List

Pallet Town: Squirtle->Wartortle(MACE)
Route 1: -
Viridian City: -
Route 2: Pidgey(JAINA - Deceased)
Viridian Forest: -
Pewter City: -
Route 22: Mankey(ZIRA)
Route 3: -
Route 4: -
Mount Moon: -
Cerulean Cty: -
Route 24: Bellsprout(NOMNOM)

Part 6 - Drowning Misty

Cerulean! After a brief urban exploration, we enter the Gym to face 'Tomboyish Mermaid' Misty.

One thing before we start.


Let's see what this chick's got on MACE. Time to teach what water type is all about.

Btw, you guys aware of the Cerulean gym mindscrew, right?

It's shaped like a Horsea, which is the first pokémon encountered, with that guy swimming right there. WILL pwns him and the girl in green before challenging Misty.

Right at the start, it's a balanced fight between ZIRA and Staryu, until the latter gains a super potion that regens all it's health and CRITICAL HIT WATER PULSES ZIRA, CONFUSING her in the process. Freaking scary as heck, left her with 4 HP. I immediately switch out to MACE, who makes short work of Staryu with Bite.

Now for the big guns, Mistay. Starmie. Water Pulse. She's fast! Bite. Takes out little under half of her health. Swift, and MACE reaches yellows. Bite, Starmie reaches red. It's super effective, Dark > Psychic. I super potion MACE, Starmie Swift. Twice. No matter, MACE takes her out with a final Bite!

This was easier than foreseen! WILL walks away from the gym victorious. Cya later, girl!

Part 5 - Mount Moon

The dreaded Mount Moon and it's infamous waves of confusion, death and annoyance is WILL's next challenge. Let's see what pokémon we get from this incursion!

It's a ZUBAT! I simply adore his evolutionary line, and Crobat is one of my 'mains' in other pokémon games. WILL's totally getting him, no questions asked.

...except my pokéballs ended before he could freaking sit still in one! Goddamn it. Goodbye, Zubat. Eat scratchy death by Mankey.


Inside Mount Moon, ZIRA is kicking ass and taking names, reaching level 15 after obliterating a Super Nerd's Magnemite. Gotta give MACE some more love after this one, too.

This place is very annoying. After a lot of XP and maze-related hair loss, I get freaking scared to death by a Team Rocket Grunt's Rattata, who used hyper fang and put Zira to 2 HP. Whew.

Finally leaving the wretched place behind, ZIRA and MACE are battle-hardened veterans of Zubat, Paras and Geodude fights, and are respectively levels 19 and 22.

We got to Cerulean!

Part 4 - Frustration


After the first battle with Lily and her Charmeleon, from which WILL emerged victorious(\o\), it's time to move on to route 3, find the next team member and battle all those trainers between WILL and Misty!

For a great recap of the battle against Lily, check out the description here: http://diaryoflilynuzlocke.blogspot.com/

Route 3. First, to battle a few trainers and level up my buddies a little. It's surprisingly tough; WILL has to go back and heal several times. Shout out to the girl with level 14 Jigglypuff. Hmm. Jigglypuff.

Let's move on, with WILL and ZIRA ready to meet their new companion. Grass reveals...


Rules say I can't keep it. Oooh well. It could never have replaced Jaina anyway!

Route 4. No grass. Poké-Center to prepare for Mt. Moon. Now, Mount Moon is gonna be a toughie. Gotta breath deep and get ready for it. Here we go!

Stay tuned!

The List

Pallet Town: Squirtle->Wartortle(MACE)
Route 1: -
Viridian City: -
Route 2: Pidgey(JAINA - Deceased)
Viridian Forest: -
Pewter City: -
Route 22: Mankey(ZIRA)
Route 3: -
Route 4: -

Part 3 - Breaking Brock

Hello again! Resuming our journey, we prepare to face the first Gym Leader, Brock from Pewter! Arriving at the Gym, WILL must deal with his minion first...

The poor guy's Geodude and Sandshrew get dominated by MACE's mighty Water Gun, foreseeing Brock's fate. It's okay I only got the Squirtle at the moment; I can still solo Brock no problem due to Water Gun. I don't know about that poor guy who got Charmander, though... by the way, you can find Lily, WILL's counterpart, here: http://diaryoflilynuzlocke.blogspot.com/

It's the parallel Nuzlocke challenge my friend is doing - we'll battle once in a while!

Anyways, we face Brock, the first Gym Leader.

His Geodude falls to MACE's Water Gun in one hit, and Brock sends out his real heavyweight, Onix.

After tackling Squirtle, Onix also faints easily! Piece of cake, baby.

Seriously, ridiculous to beat Brock with a water starter. We get the Boulderbadge, and MACE is level 15! Brock also gives us Rock Tomb. We did it!

Alright. There's one thing I forgot to do - check route 22, right before Indigo Plateau, west of Viridian. I'm gonna see if I can find MACE some company!

On the way there and passing through Viridian Forest again(damn that place gives me teh chillz), MACE hits level 16 and evolves into Wartortle!

Anyway. Here we are, route 22! I hope the pokémon doesn't kill MACE, runs or overall ruins my chance of capturing it and finally finding a companion. Like JAINA. Poor Pidgey.

Here we go! Let's go in the grass... who will be our next teammate?

A wild Mankey appears! It's only level 2! I have to hurl pokéballs at her at full health, else risk fainting.

I've tried 4 pokéballs to no avail! I'm down my last one... damn man. I can't believe I'm missing yet another...

I DID IT! Captured the Mankey! Whew!

It's a girl. I'll call her... hmm. ZIRA. Yes, that's a homage.

MACE and ZIRA, Wartortle and Mankey, get along great! I'll get back to Pewter, and level my girl on the way, using the old trick - immediately switch her out and beat the enemy pokémon with MACE. It's slower, but safer.

When I arrive again on Pewter, ZIRA is level 7. Now I'll wait for Lily, and we'll have our first battle!

See you next post!

The List

Pallet Town: Squirtle->Wartortle(MACE)
Route 1: -
Viridian City: -
Route 2: Pidgey(JAINA - Deceased)
Viridian Forest: -
Pewter City: -
Route 22: Mankey(ZIRA)

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The Great Nuzlocke Challenge! Part 2

Continuing with our journey.

The ominous message by a girl just before WILL enters Viridian Forest alongside brave companions MACE the Squirtle and JAINA the Pidgey prenounces it's fearsome nature - "It's a natural maze in there!". Let's do this, boys.

Sending JAINA first so I can level her, and catch up with MACE. We enter Viridian Forest. What will be our next team member?

The grass reveals... a Pikachu! Now, prepare to hear a very, very stupid thing I did. I'll just say it: JAINA is dead. She's gone. Bam. Dead. Fainted actually, but this is Nuzlocke, A FACT I FORGOT WHEN I LET HER STAY THERE AGAINST THAT PIKACHU. He just electrocuted her right there. Super effectively. It was... it was very EFFECTIVE, you know? Sigh. Moving on, I'm sending MACE in, risking his death as well, as he is Water.

My God, that monster sent MACE to yellow with a thundershock, and paralyzed him. One more and MACE DIES. I... I'll lose the Nuzlocke if MACE dies. I don't have anyone else. Do I Run? Do I risk a pokéball like the crazy dude I am at core?

I ran. I don't want to start this thing over. Lost JAINA. Sigh. She'll be missed. Went back to heal MACE. I also can't believe I missed out on a Viridian Forest pokémon. What a horrible start.

Well, with MACE healed, it's time to level a bit going to Pewter.

Harder than I thought! Weedles poison easily, and don't even get me started on the Kakunas. That thing's frustrating to kill as I believe most are aware. After my first Bug Catcher, I'm heading back for more pots and antidotes!

After many more bugs and their owners, WILL and MACE manage to leave the Forest and arrive on Pewter.  I'm glad I left that cursed place behind. Damn Pikachu.

Exploring Pewter, which looks like a nice enough town, we can witness the terrible youth recklessness in the pokémon world.

"Well kid, did you know Pikachu are super effective bird killers? Did you? They turned my pidgey to charcoal in one turn. One turn. The blinding light and then death. Yellow death. Stop crying."

Moving on. Time to take on Brock.

...Stay tuned for the next post!

The List

Pallet Town: Squirtle(MACE)
Route 1: -
Viridian City: -
Route 2: Pidgey(JAINA - Deceased)
Viridian Forest: -
Pewter City: -

In memory of JAINA, the Pidgey.
Death by Pikachu thunderbolt.
You won't be forgotten.

I wish we'd fly together 
But now only you
will fly forever


The Great Nuzlocke Challenge! Part 1

We'll play this on an emulator, btw.

Our adventure starts with LeafGreen!

We are greeted by Professor Oak, who asks us our name and gender. Let's call our boy WILL, as fine a name as any. Yes Professor, my name is WILL.

...there he is. The legendary rival, Professor Oak's grandson, with either badass or infuriating counterparts(see http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/gary-oak). This dude will make my life in this game a living poké-hell. But that's no matter. We can at least appropriately name him. Let's call this piece of work JERK.

Alright! Let's get started on the poké-journey. 'A world of dreams and adventures with pokémon awaits', after all!

With my stylish cap and incredible GBA sprite, I appear in my bedroom. After briefly playing with the NES and withdrawing a Potion from the PC(a trick few know! Or so I was told), I make my way downstairs to talk to Mom. She says I must leave home like all boys do - it said so on TV. I don't know what's wrong with my mom.

Pallet is a charming little town. After briefly visiting JERK's house and talking to his sis, we head to Professor Oak's Lab. Mom said he wants to see me. But he's not there, as my rival informs. Only him, the professor's Aides, three pokéballs and two 'encyclopedias' are to be found. Frustrated with the absence of his mentor, WILL leaves the laboratory and tries to leave Pallet by himself. But he is interrupted by Oak! It is too dangerous to go alone.

He'll give me a starter pokémon first!

I decide, as I always do, to choose Squirtle, the water pokémon. It's my favorite starter!

It is a boy, and I call him MACE. My first addition to the team! Let's hope to get this little badass up to Blastoise. And one day, beat Lance with him! Who knows. He might die to the first Rattata.

JERK chooses Bulbasaur, unsurprisingly. He says his pokémon looks a lot tougher than mine. Well, let's show him, MACE.

MACE tackled the Bulbasaur to death(fainting), and leveled up! He's now a level 6 Squirtle with an Adamant nature, which means his attack is higher while his special attack is lower than normal. I'm okay with that!

Leaving Pallet, our first encounter is an easily beat Ratatta. For a moment I panicked thinking I shouldn't have fainted him - but I remembered I didn't have any pokéballs to capture him with. Route 1 has no pokémon captured. Gotta add it to the list.

A nice individual gifts me a potion on the way to Viridian City. After owning a couple Pidgeys and learning Bubble, MACE and WILL arrive on Viridian. We get the Professor's Parcel, our first quest in the game. Now back to Pallet and deliver it to him!

I got scared - Pidgey crits put MACE to 5 HP, but we manage to deliver the Parcel successfully and receive our PokéDexes and Pokéballs. And a map. Always useful.

Arriving once more on Viridian, an old man teaches me how to catch wild pokémon and gives me a mini-TV, apparently. I'm not familiar with that since I've never played LeafGreen. Gotta check it out later.

Time to move on and get to Route 2! Alright, I'm excited to see what pokémon I'm gonna catch first. The screen goes black and the battle music starts to reveal...

A Pidgey! Well, I was hoping for something cooler. But this'll have to do. It's only level 2, so I have to try and get it at full health. The first pokéball fails, but the second is a success! It's a girl, and I call her JAINA.

MACE and JAINA, Squirtle and Pidgey, are my first bros. Let's see where we go from here.

The List

Pallet Town: Squirtle(MACE)
Route 1: -
Viridian City: -
Route 2: Pidgey(JAINA)

And this is the end of the first report. Stay tuned!