quinta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2010

Part 5 - Mount Moon

The dreaded Mount Moon and it's infamous waves of confusion, death and annoyance is WILL's next challenge. Let's see what pokémon we get from this incursion!

It's a ZUBAT! I simply adore his evolutionary line, and Crobat is one of my 'mains' in other pokémon games. WILL's totally getting him, no questions asked.

...except my pokéballs ended before he could freaking sit still in one! Goddamn it. Goodbye, Zubat. Eat scratchy death by Mankey.


Inside Mount Moon, ZIRA is kicking ass and taking names, reaching level 15 after obliterating a Super Nerd's Magnemite. Gotta give MACE some more love after this one, too.

This place is very annoying. After a lot of XP and maze-related hair loss, I get freaking scared to death by a Team Rocket Grunt's Rattata, who used hyper fang and put Zira to 2 HP. Whew.

Finally leaving the wretched place behind, ZIRA and MACE are battle-hardened veterans of Zubat, Paras and Geodude fights, and are respectively levels 19 and 22.

We got to Cerulean!

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