quinta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2010

Part 4 - Frustration


After the first battle with Lily and her Charmeleon, from which WILL emerged victorious(\o\), it's time to move on to route 3, find the next team member and battle all those trainers between WILL and Misty!

For a great recap of the battle against Lily, check out the description here: http://diaryoflilynuzlocke.blogspot.com/

Route 3. First, to battle a few trainers and level up my buddies a little. It's surprisingly tough; WILL has to go back and heal several times. Shout out to the girl with level 14 Jigglypuff. Hmm. Jigglypuff.

Let's move on, with WILL and ZIRA ready to meet their new companion. Grass reveals...


Rules say I can't keep it. Oooh well. It could never have replaced Jaina anyway!

Route 4. No grass. Poké-Center to prepare for Mt. Moon. Now, Mount Moon is gonna be a toughie. Gotta breath deep and get ready for it. Here we go!

Stay tuned!

The List

Pallet Town: Squirtle->Wartortle(MACE)
Route 1: -
Viridian City: -
Route 2: Pidgey(JAINA - Deceased)
Viridian Forest: -
Pewter City: -
Route 22: Mankey(ZIRA)
Route 3: -
Route 4: -

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