quinta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2010

Part 6 - Drowning Misty

Cerulean! After a brief urban exploration, we enter the Gym to face 'Tomboyish Mermaid' Misty.

One thing before we start.


Let's see what this chick's got on MACE. Time to teach what water type is all about.

Btw, you guys aware of the Cerulean gym mindscrew, right?

It's shaped like a Horsea, which is the first pokémon encountered, with that guy swimming right there. WILL pwns him and the girl in green before challenging Misty.

Right at the start, it's a balanced fight between ZIRA and Staryu, until the latter gains a super potion that regens all it's health and CRITICAL HIT WATER PULSES ZIRA, CONFUSING her in the process. Freaking scary as heck, left her with 4 HP. I immediately switch out to MACE, who makes short work of Staryu with Bite.

Now for the big guns, Mistay. Starmie. Water Pulse. She's fast! Bite. Takes out little under half of her health. Swift, and MACE reaches yellows. Bite, Starmie reaches red. It's super effective, Dark > Psychic. I super potion MACE, Starmie Swift. Twice. No matter, MACE takes her out with a final Bite!

This was easier than foreseen! WILL walks away from the gym victorious. Cya later, girl!

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