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Part 7 - Nugget Bridge and Beyond

Right at the start of Nugget Bridge, we welcome the lovely JERK, who challenges us, gets beaten up, acts tough, gives us a FAME CHECKER and then leaves. It was kind a battle of reasonable difficulty, easier than Misty but still kinda dangerous. I need more pokémon in the party...

Let's see what these guys at Nugget Bridge can muster, and then we go towards Bill and on the way, hopefully catch another group member.

Goddamn I'm a lucky bastard. Just look at that. ZIRA is a death-defying primate like no other. She deserves those bananas.

It's time to really add pokémon to the team! Let's see what Route 24 has in store for us!

The grass reveals a...

Look at that beauty! I love it!

The Bellsprout is called NOMNOM. It's a boy with a Jolly nature! It's not very good mechanic wise, giving +Speed -Special Attack. But that's okay. Welcome, NOMNOM!

The List

Pallet Town: Squirtle->Wartortle(MACE)
Route 1: -
Viridian City: -
Route 2: Pidgey(JAINA - Deceased)
Viridian Forest: -
Pewter City: -
Route 22: Mankey(ZIRA)
Route 3: -
Route 4: -
Mount Moon: -
Cerulean Cty: -
Route 24: Bellsprout(NOMNOM)

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