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The Great Nuzlocke Challenge! Part 2

Continuing with our journey.

The ominous message by a girl just before WILL enters Viridian Forest alongside brave companions MACE the Squirtle and JAINA the Pidgey prenounces it's fearsome nature - "It's a natural maze in there!". Let's do this, boys.

Sending JAINA first so I can level her, and catch up with MACE. We enter Viridian Forest. What will be our next team member?

The grass reveals... a Pikachu! Now, prepare to hear a very, very stupid thing I did. I'll just say it: JAINA is dead. She's gone. Bam. Dead. Fainted actually, but this is Nuzlocke, A FACT I FORGOT WHEN I LET HER STAY THERE AGAINST THAT PIKACHU. He just electrocuted her right there. Super effectively. It was... it was very EFFECTIVE, you know? Sigh. Moving on, I'm sending MACE in, risking his death as well, as he is Water.

My God, that monster sent MACE to yellow with a thundershock, and paralyzed him. One more and MACE DIES. I... I'll lose the Nuzlocke if MACE dies. I don't have anyone else. Do I Run? Do I risk a pokéball like the crazy dude I am at core?

I ran. I don't want to start this thing over. Lost JAINA. Sigh. She'll be missed. Went back to heal MACE. I also can't believe I missed out on a Viridian Forest pokémon. What a horrible start.

Well, with MACE healed, it's time to level a bit going to Pewter.

Harder than I thought! Weedles poison easily, and don't even get me started on the Kakunas. That thing's frustrating to kill as I believe most are aware. After my first Bug Catcher, I'm heading back for more pots and antidotes!

After many more bugs and their owners, WILL and MACE manage to leave the Forest and arrive on Pewter.  I'm glad I left that cursed place behind. Damn Pikachu.

Exploring Pewter, which looks like a nice enough town, we can witness the terrible youth recklessness in the pokémon world.

"Well kid, did you know Pikachu are super effective bird killers? Did you? They turned my pidgey to charcoal in one turn. One turn. The blinding light and then death. Yellow death. Stop crying."

Moving on. Time to take on Brock.

...Stay tuned for the next post!

The List

Pallet Town: Squirtle(MACE)
Route 1: -
Viridian City: -
Route 2: Pidgey(JAINA - Deceased)
Viridian Forest: -
Pewter City: -

In memory of JAINA, the Pidgey.
Death by Pikachu thunderbolt.
You won't be forgotten.

I wish we'd fly together 
But now only you
will fly forever


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