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The Great Nuzlocke Challenge! Part 1

We'll play this on an emulator, btw.

Our adventure starts with LeafGreen!

We are greeted by Professor Oak, who asks us our name and gender. Let's call our boy WILL, as fine a name as any. Yes Professor, my name is WILL.

...there he is. The legendary rival, Professor Oak's grandson, with either badass or infuriating counterparts(see http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/gary-oak). This dude will make my life in this game a living poké-hell. But that's no matter. We can at least appropriately name him. Let's call this piece of work JERK.

Alright! Let's get started on the poké-journey. 'A world of dreams and adventures with pokémon awaits', after all!

With my stylish cap and incredible GBA sprite, I appear in my bedroom. After briefly playing with the NES and withdrawing a Potion from the PC(a trick few know! Or so I was told), I make my way downstairs to talk to Mom. She says I must leave home like all boys do - it said so on TV. I don't know what's wrong with my mom.

Pallet is a charming little town. After briefly visiting JERK's house and talking to his sis, we head to Professor Oak's Lab. Mom said he wants to see me. But he's not there, as my rival informs. Only him, the professor's Aides, three pokéballs and two 'encyclopedias' are to be found. Frustrated with the absence of his mentor, WILL leaves the laboratory and tries to leave Pallet by himself. But he is interrupted by Oak! It is too dangerous to go alone.

He'll give me a starter pokémon first!

I decide, as I always do, to choose Squirtle, the water pokémon. It's my favorite starter!

It is a boy, and I call him MACE. My first addition to the team! Let's hope to get this little badass up to Blastoise. And one day, beat Lance with him! Who knows. He might die to the first Rattata.

JERK chooses Bulbasaur, unsurprisingly. He says his pokémon looks a lot tougher than mine. Well, let's show him, MACE.

MACE tackled the Bulbasaur to death(fainting), and leveled up! He's now a level 6 Squirtle with an Adamant nature, which means his attack is higher while his special attack is lower than normal. I'm okay with that!

Leaving Pallet, our first encounter is an easily beat Ratatta. For a moment I panicked thinking I shouldn't have fainted him - but I remembered I didn't have any pokéballs to capture him with. Route 1 has no pokémon captured. Gotta add it to the list.

A nice individual gifts me a potion on the way to Viridian City. After owning a couple Pidgeys and learning Bubble, MACE and WILL arrive on Viridian. We get the Professor's Parcel, our first quest in the game. Now back to Pallet and deliver it to him!

I got scared - Pidgey crits put MACE to 5 HP, but we manage to deliver the Parcel successfully and receive our PokéDexes and Pokéballs. And a map. Always useful.

Arriving once more on Viridian, an old man teaches me how to catch wild pokémon and gives me a mini-TV, apparently. I'm not familiar with that since I've never played LeafGreen. Gotta check it out later.

Time to move on and get to Route 2! Alright, I'm excited to see what pokémon I'm gonna catch first. The screen goes black and the battle music starts to reveal...

A Pidgey! Well, I was hoping for something cooler. But this'll have to do. It's only level 2, so I have to try and get it at full health. The first pokéball fails, but the second is a success! It's a girl, and I call her JAINA.

MACE and JAINA, Squirtle and Pidgey, are my first bros. Let's see where we go from here.

The List

Pallet Town: Squirtle(MACE)
Route 1: -
Viridian City: -
Route 2: Pidgey(JAINA)

And this is the end of the first report. Stay tuned!

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