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Part 3 - Breaking Brock

Hello again! Resuming our journey, we prepare to face the first Gym Leader, Brock from Pewter! Arriving at the Gym, WILL must deal with his minion first...

The poor guy's Geodude and Sandshrew get dominated by MACE's mighty Water Gun, foreseeing Brock's fate. It's okay I only got the Squirtle at the moment; I can still solo Brock no problem due to Water Gun. I don't know about that poor guy who got Charmander, though... by the way, you can find Lily, WILL's counterpart, here: http://diaryoflilynuzlocke.blogspot.com/

It's the parallel Nuzlocke challenge my friend is doing - we'll battle once in a while!

Anyways, we face Brock, the first Gym Leader.

His Geodude falls to MACE's Water Gun in one hit, and Brock sends out his real heavyweight, Onix.

After tackling Squirtle, Onix also faints easily! Piece of cake, baby.

Seriously, ridiculous to beat Brock with a water starter. We get the Boulderbadge, and MACE is level 15! Brock also gives us Rock Tomb. We did it!

Alright. There's one thing I forgot to do - check route 22, right before Indigo Plateau, west of Viridian. I'm gonna see if I can find MACE some company!

On the way there and passing through Viridian Forest again(damn that place gives me teh chillz), MACE hits level 16 and evolves into Wartortle!

Anyway. Here we are, route 22! I hope the pokémon doesn't kill MACE, runs or overall ruins my chance of capturing it and finally finding a companion. Like JAINA. Poor Pidgey.

Here we go! Let's go in the grass... who will be our next teammate?

A wild Mankey appears! It's only level 2! I have to hurl pokéballs at her at full health, else risk fainting.

I've tried 4 pokéballs to no avail! I'm down my last one... damn man. I can't believe I'm missing yet another...

I DID IT! Captured the Mankey! Whew!

It's a girl. I'll call her... hmm. ZIRA. Yes, that's a homage.

MACE and ZIRA, Wartortle and Mankey, get along great! I'll get back to Pewter, and level my girl on the way, using the old trick - immediately switch her out and beat the enemy pokémon with MACE. It's slower, but safer.

When I arrive again on Pewter, ZIRA is level 7. Now I'll wait for Lily, and we'll have our first battle!

See you next post!

The List

Pallet Town: Squirtle->Wartortle(MACE)
Route 1: -
Viridian City: -
Route 2: Pidgey(JAINA - Deceased)
Viridian Forest: -
Pewter City: -
Route 22: Mankey(ZIRA)

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